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Wholistic Naturopathy 

International School of Wholistic Naturopathy

The Finest Faith Based Naturopathic Self-Study Program Available via Distance Learning:

Certified Naturopath in Wholistic Approaches (C.N.W.A) Program

An excellent biblically based Naturopathic Program that focus' on optimizing wholeness at three levels: Spirit, Soul and Body. The average time that it takes to complete this program is 7 to 12 months.

Requirement for enrollment:

* High School Diploma or GED

Outline of Courses:

Biblical Wellness Credit 4

The Dunamis Church Credit 2

Biblical Counseling Credit 3

Anatomy and Physiology Credit 2

Natural Health and Nutrition Credit 2

Basic Chemistry  Credit 1

Herbology Credit 2

Eleven Keys to Health and Longevity Credit 1

Wholeness Assessment Credit 2

The Wholistic Health Counselor's Guide to Integrative Wellness Credit 3

Cancer, GMO's and Vaccines Credit 4

Traditional Naturopathic Approaches Credit 1

Effective Modalities and Products for Optimal Health and Wellness Credit 1

Wellness and Longevity Assessment Tools for Natural Health Professionals                         and Coaches Credit 1

Wellness Counseling Practices for Natural Health Professionals Credit 2

Total Credits: 31

Tuition: 1,550.00

50.00 per Credit

All eBooks and all the study questions are included. 

Can be paid a course at a time, or entirely at a 15% discount.

For description of courses, see the ACI School of Wholistic Health page and scroll down.

Award: Diploma in Wholistic Naturopathy

Alternative Award: Advanced Diploma in Wholistic Health Counseling

Graduates can practice in most of the States of the USA. See

for specifics. Can operate in most countries.

Other designations, we allow graduates to use: 

Certified Natural Health Counselor in Wholistic Approaches (CNHC)

This program is approved by the IANHP for a RNHP or RNP registration.

For enrollment or more information, email us at

There is no application fee for enrollment.

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What is Wholistic Naturopathy?

Wholistic Naturopathy is the God given gift of bringing wholeness and wellness to human beings using ordained biblical tools such as; dietary hygiene, fasting and cleansing, herbs and healing foods, water therapy, exercise, rest, sunshine, biblical counseling, prayer, sanctification, divine healing, soul restoration and deliverance, proper thinking, a healthy lifestyle, and other biblically approved tools and modalities. 

The Wholistic Naturopathy Programs are Recognized by:                            New Eden University.  


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