swifter than eagles.....stronger than lions. 2 Samuel 1:23                                                      




This three year journey has been rewarding for me, as I come to the completion of my Doctoral Program at New Eden School of Natural Health.

Collectively, all of the enlightening classes, significant seminars, excellent books to use as future reference, are a gateway into my profession as a Doctor of Natural Medicine. 

Overtime, in the course of studying in this ND program, my mind bears the relentless hours spent in my office, as a Certified Integrative Wellness Counselor. Now I can say, I have been operating as a Counselor, educating my clients on how to overcome health issues, accompanied by Natural Medicine, especially from a biblical prospective,  opposed to Traditional Allopathic Medicine and/or Counseling. With this being said, I realize that, without a Faith Based Approach, the healing process will not be effective. Therefore, according to Proverbs 3:5, I choose to allow Jehovah GOD to direct my path when assisting my clients with their Natural Health goals.  

Among the many classes that I studied, the course work for "DSM IV" was a most intriguing learning experience. I have noticed that, a large number of my clients suffer from some form of stress, which could manifest mental health deficiency, followed by illness.  It is understood that there are many types of disorders in Traditional Clinical Therapy and there are a wide number of names for the enormous patterns of deranged thinking.  But in the final analyses, According to the book of Philippians 2:5, it states, Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ JESUS.  

First and foremost, from my perspective as a Natural Health Counselor, it is imperative, that my life exemplifies Christ, so that the client can benefit from my services. Thanks to the teaching at the numerous INAHP seminars showing New Eden students that, the first step is deliverance from the enemy and his evil tactics. Without a doubt this can and will allow the client accessibility to maintain a substantial amount of optimal health. 

Throughout these years of my clinical practice as a Counselor, my goal is to follow a "Faith Based Approach", evolving around every single aspect of my Natural Health Practice, as opposed to a Traditional Clinical approach. Therefore, my chose for the preparation of this dissertation, has been carefully noted and written, on “Why Faith-Based Natural Health Counseling Can Be More Effective Than Traditional Clinical Counseling”

 It is the LORDS will that the "Dissertation Analyst/Editor that I hired, will be returning my paper this weekend.  Therefore, the research, writing and defense have been done and will be submitted to New Eden School in a few days.

It is with pleasure that I thank Dr. Lawrence DeSantis in advance for a memorable learning experience. I hope that you enjoy the reading along the interesting facts and findings comprised in this dissertation.  It has been a great benefit in the enhancement of my Natural Health Practice and throughout my tenure at New Eden School.

Cynthia Hawkins, CIWC, RNHP
Certified Integrative Wellness Counselor

I highly suggest anyone who wants to experience a full gospel church, (that teaches on the "whole" word of  God) to come and visit plus also come to Pastor Larry's workshops when he has them .  You will be blessed!  I always get revelation from the Lord through him and such understanding from his style of teaching.  Pastor Larry is light-hearted, nonjudgmental and will make you laugh through the process of learning.

Sherée B., Algonquin, IL

Hi Dr. DeSantis, I want to personally thank you for the wonderful and insightful workshop that you had! This has truly changed all of our lives and your message will be taught to so many people and bring the awareness that so desperately needs to be spread!!! I want to tell you that the constant neck pain I had all my life is gone, and my short temper is gone! No more road rage! Haha, deliverance can relieve so many believers from emotional, mental and physical pains!!! Amazing!  Thank you, you truly changed all of our lives! 

Justine Domke, (October 2018)

Good afternoon!  My name is Clara., I attended your dunamis workshop with my husband Peter and his brother and wife. The workshop was an amazing breakthrough for us. We have seen miracles upon miracles since then.  

Clara, (November 2018)


Being with Pastor Larry in Temple of praise for three years was an exciting journey. In July of 05, God called me and my wife to open a church in Elgin. Pastor Larry being lead by the Spirit release me. On August 13th of 05 we had our first service! We have been open for 9 months and God has really blessed our church LIGHTHOUSE COMMUNITY CHURCH IN ELGIN, IL. Thank you Pastor Larry and Donna DeSantis for being a great spiritual support!

Pastor Steve R.

I am Ev. Justus Ondieki from Kenya and would like to work together with your ministry. Pastor Larry is really a great man of God.  He has a vision and a mission to fulfill.  He has inspired me alot in my life.  God is really going to use him mightly in this end time!  Press on pastor, you are on the right track.

Justus Ondieki

Yvonne from Arizona called to let me know that after being bed ridden for 15 years the Word of the Lord that was spoken to her came to pass and she is no longer bed ridden and was able to drive 18 miles and take two baths by herself. Her continence has changed and she is grateful and full of joy that the Lord used our ministry to speak a word of life to her body. God continues to do miracles.

Yvonne, Arizona

Pastor Larry DeSantis is truly a man of character and vision.  In my 11 years of service to the Lord, Pastor Larry recognized the call in my life and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, put me through the "Aquila Christian Ministries School of Ministerial Training".  I just finished the 8 month course and am blessed to say in January, I will be Ordained!  Pastor Larry truly has the Calling and anointing of an Apostle!

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

A Pastor from Kenya writes, truly speaking your teachings have encouraged me and help me greatly. I appreciate your ministry very much and I would like to encourage you to go forward with the program. The work you are doing for the Lord is not in vain.

Pastor Mathew, Kenya, East Africa

You are a blessing to the body of Christ and to the entire world in general. Your point blank exposition and declaration of scriptures is worth emulating. Please keep the flag flying.

Chris, Nigeria