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Online Christian Bible Schools

The Aquila Christian International Schools 

To help as many aspirants as possible, we have set up schools that offer ministerial training and certifications in biblical studies. Begin your path to enlightenment under the guidance of Aquila Christian International teachers.

Our school association includes the ACI Schools, the New Eden School of Biblical Studies and the International Institutes for Wholistic Medicine/Wholiopathy. Upon successfully completion, we will extend membership to the Ministerial Alliance for Biblical Wellness to you.  
Get in touch with Aquila Christian International Ministries in Illinois/Indiana for more information. 

Membership with the Ministerial Alliance for Biblical Wellness (M.A.B.W)
is available with the completion of any program.

Ordination is available for those called to the ministry and who have completed any one of the following programs:
Certificate in Biblical Studies
Diploma in Biblical Studies
Diploma in Biblical Studies and Natural Health 

Diploma in Ministerial Training (D.M.T)

Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies and Ministry (AdvDip.BSM)

Certified Chaplain in Wholistic Ministry (C.C.W.M)
Doctor of Wholiopathy (W.D.)
Doctor of Wholistic Medicine (D.W.M)

New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies
Offers many natural health professional programs
Christian Bible Schools

The Educational Programs are Approved by the IANHP

Become a Wholiopathic Counselor

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