swifter than eagles.....stronger than lions. 2 Samuel 1:23                                                      

Missions and Outreach

Missions and Outreach

Chaplain Larry DeSantis in Kenya Pictured with Orphans and Children

Aquila Christian Ministries has been in various countries like Kenya, Philippines, and Zambia, preaching the gospel and helping the poor.

In 2015 we went to China to adopt an orphan.

In 2018 Dr. DeSantis visited Israel.

Plans for 2020 and beyond

* Preaching in the USA the Message of Hope, Love,         Salvation and Restoration in Christ Jesus.

* Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Italy. 

   As of 2019, out of 60 million people, there are only       about 600,000 born again Christians in Italy. This is       about 1% of the population.

* Healing of America Revival Meetings

* Healing of the Nations Revival Meetings

Photos of The Pilgrimage Trip to Israel in October-November 2018 

Dr. DeSantis joined the Jonathan Cahn Israel Pilgrimage Tour organized in October 2018

Photo of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (Left) with Dr. DeSantis (Right)

Dr. DeSantis assisted with Baptisms in the Jordan River

Garden Tomb

(Empty Tomb of Jesus)

He has Risen!

Dr. DeSantis preaching at the Columbus, Ohio Hope Day Event on February 20, 2020 at The North Bank Park Pavilion