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Ministerial Membership and Ordination

Ministerial Alliance for Biblical Wellness (MABW)

The main purpose for the MABW, division of Aquila Christian Ministries is to offer membership or ordination. 

MABW provides:

1. Ministerial accountability 

2. Code of ethics

3. Certificate of membership or ordination

4. Ongoing relationship and networking

5. Events


Lawrence DeSantis, OM, DNOM, WD, PhD 

Ordained Minister                                                                                                         Doctor of Naturopathy in Original Medicine  

Doctor of Wholiopathy                                                

Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Health

Roger Duda, DC, W.D. ND

Chiropractic Physician

Doctor of Wholiopathy

Naturopathic Doctor

Donna DeSantis, D.B.S, D.M.T                                                                                            Diploma in Biblical Studies

Diploma in Ministerial Training

Sonia DeSantis, D.M.T

Diploma in Ministerial Training

Anthony Paulmeno, D.M.T                                                                                                   Diploma in Ministerial Training

Steve Robledo, D.M.T

Diploma in Ministerial Training

Mark Williams (D.C.C)                                                                                                 

Diploma in Community Chaplaincy

Anne Allen, (D.C.C)                                                                                                          

Diploma in Community Chaplaincy

John DeSantis, D.B.S, D.C.C   

Diploma in Biblical Studies                                                                                          

Diploma in Community Chaplaincy

Dennis Feldman, D.B.S

Diploma in Biblical Studies

Jocelin Whitaker, OM, CNC, C.C.H.A, ND

Ordained Minister

Certified Nutritional Counselor

Certified Chaplain in Holistic Approaches

Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy

Silvia Bright, OM, D.W.M

Ordained Minister

Doctor of Wholistic Medicine


Application for Membership:

Annual fee is 75.00 which includes a wall certificate.

email us for an application at info@aquilachristian.net

Application for ordination is 150.00

Annual renewal fee is 75.00

We will invoice you for payment.


A phone interview is required for all ordination applicants.

Unless otherwise approved, ordinations will take place at a set time at Aquila Christian International in Algonquin, Illinois.

Email us for further information at info@aquilachristian.net

Diploma in Biblical Studies and Ordination

Become a Wholistic Chaplain through New Eden School of Biblical Studies.