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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics for Members of the Ministerial Alliance for Biblical Wellness

 1. Practice the  'God given' healing power of nature.

2. Practice to "do not harm"

3. Maintain the highest standard of professional and personal 

4. Promise to abide by all state and local laws.

5. Be ready to consult and seek the talents of other health
    professionals when needed.

6. Do not practice beyond your scope of practice, either in ability
    or by law.

7. Take a wholistic (Wholiopathic) approach in helping the whole person; Spirit,
    Soul, Body.

8. Teach rather than treat

9. Be up to date on all information given to your client and  
    continue your education.

10. Abide by Bible-based practices

11. Follow the golden rule of the Gospel

12. Teach and preach the Full Gospel according to scripture

M.A.B.W does not sanction the following practices:


New Age Religious Practices

Note: M.A.B.W members have protective rights to practice sound biblical natural health                                                                                         and wholistic wellness practices with those that come into agreement with the M.A.B.W  belief statements                                                                                 and the code of ethics.

Belief Statements

1. We believe that all health and wellness  practices originating from the Bible or Biblically approved can be and should be incorporated in an       overall wellness plan or program for individuals or groups.

2. Herbs and natural foods are God given remedies that M.A.B.W members and all people can use for self-healing.

3. M.A.B.W members have a right to educate and guide individuals and groups in faith-based wellness practices and modalities.

4. The M.A.B.W approves the following natural health and wellness methods:

    * Nutrition

    * Herbal Medicine and Dietary Supplements

    * PEMF Therapy

    * Reflexology / Reflective Foot Analysis

    * Iridology

    * Aromatherapy

    * Muscle testing

    * Biblical Counseling and Deliverance

    * Prayer for the sick

    * Fasting and proper hygiene

    * Hydrotherapy

    * Detoxification

    * Bach Flower Remedies

    * Homeopathy

    * Functional Medicine

    * Wholiopathy


Note: This is a partial approval list. 

Please email us for any practice(s) that is not on the list so that we may respond to you concerning our position on it.