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The Truth Works in Mysterious Ways

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on March 21, 2019 at 11:45 AM

The fundamental difference between humans and divinity is access to complete knowledge. In a somewhat philosophical sense, God exists beyond the limits of time and space. Since He’s transcended these limitations, it’s entirely possible that His experience of time is different from ours.

His infinite knowledge is possible because He doesn’t experience time in a succession, in fact he overlooks as it passes to see us passing through it. Think of it in a way that someone on the ground can’t see how far they are from their destinations or what their destination is; but someone overlooking them knows exactly what lies ahead.

For this reason, God works in ways that unbeknown to us embody the farthest possible foresight. Which is why, it seems that He works in ways that we can never understand.

God as Truth


All truth originates in and from God. If we acknowledge him as our creator, then we also have to acknowledge that everything we know of the universe and potentially beyond it; is his domain. The laws He’s set in motion are designed to fulfill a specific purpose.

Think of the universe like a clockwork mechanism. The precise workings of a clock are an integral part of the purpose a clock is supposed to fulfill; to tell us the time accurately. But the real question is what purpose does God have for the universe?

We can only know that if we study the universe and understand how all of our lives are interconnected in God’s design.

The Universe in Motion


If all the events in the universe take place based on God’s design and if God’s design is set to fulfill some purpose; it only stands to reason that there is a purpose for why our lives are the way they are. With each passing moment, people’s lives completely change.

The sick man becomes hale and healthy; we discover new ways to make our lives easier and longer. Each of these milestones are nothing short of miracles in the greater scheme of things. For as long as we don’t know what purpose our efforts achieve; in the bigger picture all of these events are random.

What’s even more interesting is how our individual agency seems to factor in to an end goal. Where our absolutely free actions, all lead to the discovery of one simple truth: The destiny of mankind.

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