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What Do You Need to Become a Holistic Chaplain?

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on February 18, 2019 at 11:50 AM

Being a holistic chaplain is not about living in a monastery or spending countless hours locked in prayer. There is a lot more to it and training as a chaplain in the world today has numerous benefits. Apart from being important members of medical facilities, military outfits and schools (to name a few), holistic chaplains can even work in the corporate sector.

As an article published by the Forbes magazine elaborates; having a chaplain at work is appreciated by employees across the board. In short, if you’re looking into career prospects and facilitation that qualifying as a holistic chaplain can open up to you; there are many!

What’s it Going to Take?

So you’ve decided that you want to give ministerial training a go. You feel that it will be a wise personal or professional step for you. That’s great!

As a deliverance and healing service center based in Illinois that also provides online biblical studies certificates and diplomas, a question we are often asked is what it takes to become a holistic chaplain.

To be honest, it’s simpler than you think in many ways. We’re going to elaborate on some of the things you will need to become a holistic chaplain.


The first thing that will really be helpful as you train to become a holistic chaplain is curiosity. We’re not just talking about any type of curiosity however. We’re talking about a burning desire to learn and understand not just teachings from scriptures but also how they are applied in the real world.

It is this curiosity that will fuel your learning and accumulation of knowledge. With it, you will learn more, understand more and dig for answers where you feel they are missing!


There are two things that make an artist. Raw talent and creativity coupled with persistence, practice and technical skill. The second bare necessity when it comes to becoming a holistic chaplain is the right kind of training.

You want to make sure your understanding of the bible, its teachings and other related scriptures and knowledge is as clear as possible. This knowledge will act as the bases for the work you do in the future. If you’re serious about becoming a holistic chaplain, find a reputable bible school that offers recognized certification.

Formal training is absolutely necessary if you want to do the work!


One of the biggest struggles for many who receive enlightenment and understanding is keeping their ego at bay. Everyone who certifies in bible studies might not necessarily become a chaplain.

The ego is something that will make you feel better than others yet eventually bring you down. If you’re about to train in something significant that will allow you access to understanding and knowledge that many might lack, you need to make sure you stay humble through it all!

In Conclusion

It isn’t rocket science; however, becoming a chaplain is hard work. That being said, if you are curious, possess the right training and are humble, there is no reason why you should not be able to become a Holistic Chaplain yourself!

If you’re reading this, you probably already have the intention and might be on the fence! Connect with us! Maybe we can help you decide if being a holistic chaplain is truly for you!

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