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Forgiveness in Christianity: What the Bible Says about Forgiveness

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on April 17, 2019 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

When it comes to forgiveness and what Christianity and the bible teach us about it, one of the things that is clear is forgiveness that has been defined is of two kinds. The first relates to God’s forgiveness towards us for our numerous trespasses, transgressions or sins.

The second relates to forgiveness that is suggested that we show each other – that which exists between human beings or from one to another.

What the Bible Teaches Us about Forgiveness

We’re going to elaborate on some of what the bible teaches us with regard to forgiveness in a simple manner. One which is easy to understand as well as to apply.

We All Require It

From a biblical perspective, humankind’s existence on earth is directly related to the original sin, disobedience towards the Lord on the part of Adam and Eve. Though this was a result of the whisperings of Satan according to the bible, the onus of action rested on the first human. Religiously speaking, humankind has committed numerous transgressions such as the crucifixion of Christ and other such atrocities.

In a sense, we are all responsible and thus all require the forgiveness of the Lord. Even if you look at it very pragmatically, none of us are sin free. Intentionally or not, we all, even if on occasion, harm others, act unjust and do things which are unkind. We are flawed as humans and the teaching that all of us need forgiveness is a humbling one.

If You Give You Shall Receive

Keeping in mind that we all need forgiveness, one condition of receiving the same is that we offer it too. There may be times in our lives where others hurt us, wrong us, put us down unjustly and so on. As humans, it is our base nature to want to lash out, to hurt back or to somehow make the other feel as terrible as they made us.

The bible teaches us that we should try to make forgiveness a part of our nature. Something we do freely and without too much thought or dwelling. The more we are able to extend such forgiveness to others, the more the lord will extend us the same.

It is a Crucial Ingredient in Our Bond with God

We are also taught that being unforgiving is something that in a spiritual sense pulls us further from goodness and divinity. The more we practice forgiveness, the stronger our bond with the Lord. The opposite is true if we don’t.

Widespread and Unconditional

As Christians we’re also meant to extend forgiveness openly, generously and unconditionally. If someone has wronged you and has not attempted to make amends, forgiveness is still due. It due to those we perceive as undeserving of it and due to those who may not ask for the same. It is not for us to judge. That is the Lord’s burden. As humans we must forgive as much as we can and when we can regardless of how we may feel on occasion.

And Forgive we Can

We are also taught that the Lord has blessed us with the ability to forgive. It would be wrong to overlook this as it would be wrong to exercise this divine ability whenever the opportunity might present its self.

The more we make forgiving a practice, the more naturally the same comes to us.

Winding Down

The bible teaches us a lot of beautiful things about life and how to go about living. We need only take the time to understand what ancient wisdom we have access to and apply the same in our daily lives.

If you’re someone who is located in Wisconsin or Illinois and are interested in online bible school or deliverance services, we’re always happy to help. Get in touch with us for more information on our international ministerial training programs and other processes we’re involved in. Till next time!

Mindful Living 101

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The Bible on Love: Love in Its Four Forms

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on April 16, 2019 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Love and its relevance, importance and implications is something that humanity on the whole has dwelled on and wondered about for centuries. You have philosophers and poets alike trying their best to make this elusive emotion more tangible through words. Even modern psychology has its theories on love and what it is about!

The Bible Holds Answers

One of the most beautiful things about the bible as those who study it would know is that the book holds wisdom and philosophy thats well ahead of the times in which it was written. Among the many things addressed by the bible, love is one that has been amply elaborated upon!

What the Bible Says about Love

The Bible has taught us that love is not a consistent emotion (a fact backed today by modern psychology). There are different kinds of forms of love, four of which the bible intricately describes.

Love may vary in how intensely it is felt. Love is also something we crave as it is a defining attribute of God. Let us now explore these four forms of love and what the bible teaches us about them.

Eros Love

Eros love refers to the feeling that arise between two individuals who are romantically attracted to one another. Eros love is largely associated with feelings like desire, wanting for someone, physical attraction and sexual urges.

Though such love is perfectly acceptable, the bible traditionally limits this to married or legally committed couples. This clause was put forth to address the rampant erotic immorality witnessed present in many pre-biblical belief systems.

Storge Love

This kind of love refers to the love felt for those closest to us in a sense – our families. This includes the protective feeling parents have towards their own child. The love felt between two siblings. The devotion and emotional attachment one has to a parent, grandparent aunt or uncle.

It the love felt between the bonds we are blessed with by birth as opposed to those which we find over the course of our lives. The bible encourages such ‘brotherly affection’ to be exercised between believers – from on Christian to another.

Philia Love

There is a love that we feel as human beings in general. The kind of love for humanity that gives rise to compassion. The kind of love and care you feel for people such as friends, neighbors and co-workers.

This is the kind of love that sits under acts of goodness and charity. It is also one of the most widely felt kind of love and can vary in intensity immensely. You can experience a lot of philia love for a close friend however feel it at a reduced level towards say a colleague you get along with.

Once again, this form of love is encouraged according to Christian teachings. It is the kind of love Christianity in a sense, works to spread.

Agape Love

As far as Bible teachings are concerned, Agape love is the most exalted and elevated form of love possible. Such love is attributed to God himself in terms of how he feels for his creation. It is the degree of love that Jesus had for his Father, his devoted followers and all of humanity.

This love is open, selfless and unconditional. The ability to find the capacity to feel agape love within a human is an attribute of massive import. Certain saints could not receive the lord until they developed the capacity to feel such unconditional and universal love

In Conclusion

It’s amazing how some of the answers many of us seeks and struggle towards have been available for centuries. In a sense, we’ve just been looking in the wrong places. The Bible is a beautiful book that holds wisdom which will never age or be rendered irrelevant.

What If I Want to Learn More?

If you’re looking to learn more about the bible and its teachings, our organization offers options you could look into. These include an online bible school, deliverance and healing services, and revival meetings open to those residing inWisconsin and Illinois.

If you’re looking to further your understanding of the universe, humanity, God and all his creations, get in touch with us and let’s get started!

The Path To Becoming A Holistic Chaplain

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on March 23, 2019 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (1)

As purveyors of truth, holistic chaplains are some of the most well educated individuals that you will meet. These people have the authority to represent the church outside of just the four walls and don’t necessarily have to be associated with one specific organization.

Holistic chaplains are called so because they’re educated in a wide range of scientific and medical fields, to have a full understanding of God and the systems that he’s created. This academically rigorous path is a full-time commitment to understanding the facets of human knowledge not in isolation, but as part of a larger system.

The Theoretical Basis for Holistic Religion


If the way to understand God is to appreciate and cherish his creation, then the pursuit of knowledge becomes an integral part of religion. Although the various fields of human knowledge have their applications in different part of our existence; these combined give us knowledge of the universe as a whole.

As we begin to understand separate aspects of the universe and the interconnectivity between these separate aspects of knowledge, we don’t see the universe as comprised of separate elements. Instead we see it as a culmination of non-mutually exclusive mechanisms that make it work.

Once we see the mechanism, we then begin to also appreciate the path that the universe is following, becoming closer to an understanding of universal truths as prescribed by God himself. These truths are what a holistic chaplain seeks out and therefore these people have a deeper understanding of religion compared to other scholars or preachers.

Requirements for Becoming a Holistic Chaplain


You need to get a college degree to become a holistic chaplain. There are college programs that are dedicated to training aspiring individuals to become Holistic Chaplains. These programs have the following coursework:

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Chemistry and Nutrition
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacology
  • Natural Medicine
  • Biblical Studies

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are some of the courses you’re going to have to pass in order to become a holistic chaplain.

The process for becoming a holistic chaplain requires you to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • High School Graduate
  • College Graduate in Biblical Studies and Natural Medicine

Once you meet each of these criteria, you can then begin to practice medicine and also fulfill your responsibilities as a man of God.

At Aquila Christian Ministries, we welcome aspiring chaplains to offer online biblical certifications. In addition to this we conduct weekly breakthrough meetings and ministerial training to help more people spread the word of God and welcome it into their lives. Get in touch with us today for more information on our activities or to learn about our ministerial training activities in Illinois and Wisconsin.

The Truth Works in Mysterious Ways

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on March 21, 2019 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

The fundamental difference between humans and divinity is access to complete knowledge. In a somewhat philosophical sense, God exists beyond the limits of time and space. Since He’s transcended these limitations, it’s entirely possible that His experience of time is different from ours.

His infinite knowledge is possible because He doesn’t experience time in a succession, in fact he overlooks as it passes to see us passing through it. Think of it in a way that someone on the ground can’t see how far they are from their destinations or what their destination is; but someone overlooking them knows exactly what lies ahead.

For this reason, God works in ways that unbeknown to us embody the farthest possible foresight. Which is why, it seems that He works in ways that we can never understand.

God as Truth


All truth originates in and from God. If we acknowledge him as our creator, then we also have to acknowledge that everything we know of the universe and potentially beyond it; is his domain. The laws He’s set in motion are designed to fulfill a specific purpose.

Think of the universe like a clockwork mechanism. The precise workings of a clock are an integral part of the purpose a clock is supposed to fulfill; to tell us the time accurately. But the real question is what purpose does God have for the universe?

We can only know that if we study the universe and understand how all of our lives are interconnected in God’s design.

The Universe in Motion


If all the events in the universe take place based on God’s design and if God’s design is set to fulfill some purpose; it only stands to reason that there is a purpose for why our lives are the way they are. With each passing moment, people’s lives completely change.

The sick man becomes hale and healthy; we discover new ways to make our lives easier and longer. Each of these milestones are nothing short of miracles in the greater scheme of things. For as long as we don’t know what purpose our efforts achieve; in the bigger picture all of these events are random.

What’s even more interesting is how our individual agency seems to factor in to an end goal. Where our absolutely free actions, all lead to the discovery of one simple truth: The destiny of mankind.

Aquila Christian Ministries conducts weekly breakthrough meetings and offers ministerial training in Illinois and Wisconsin. In addition to our congregations and training, we help aspiring ministers and chaplains become fully fledged preachers through our online Bible certifications programs. Get in touch with us today for more information on our activities and events.

Acquiring Meaning: Welcoming God Into Your Lives

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on March 19, 2019 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (0)

The word of God is the closest thing to the truth that humans possess. Any piece of human knowledge, is ultimately fallible, whether it is in the sciences or philosophy; this just applies to our knowledge. For this reason, there’s only one source of true meaning and that is the word of God.

As the source of all truth, God and his word serves as a guide towards righteousness and salvation. Today’s world, with its reliance on human “rationality” pales in comparison to God’s infinite wisdom. As such there is no other path that you can follow which won’t fail you besides the path of religion.

A Grounds For Human Action

We as humans can only act on the beliefs that we think are true. In recent history, we’ve seen that so many people find themselves lost and empty because they don’t know what to do. They can’t seem to understand what their lives’ purpose is and what they should do with their existence.

Many of them have slowly come to realize that perhaps the things they know aren’t exactly a good basis for living their lives. To be honest, even the greatest of thinkers can’t explain what morality is and what actions entail morality. It’s because they have yet to realize how the truth compels you into action. They understand how God’s truth actually answers all of the questions they pose in their skepticism.

There is knowledge to be found with God that will help you resolve all of your worries and give you a reason to begin living up to your potentials and purpose.

Welcoming God Into Your Life

There is no situation where truth cannot exist in the world. In fact it’s a logical impossibility that there could be multiple, conflicting truths each of which are as valid as the other. The nature of reality and the human mind is incapable of envisioning a world where no truth can ever exist.

In a time where many are looking to find a truth they can act on, incapable of arriving at it themselves; God provides a solution. In His infinite knowledge and graciousness, He speaks to each and every one of us with to help us stop striving for something that is beyond our own reach.

He gives Truth to us and offers us a path towards living our lives based on Truth and meaning.

Aquila Christian Ministries are dedicated to restoring Christian values throughout the community. We offer online Bible Certifications, conduct weekly breakthrough meetings and Ministerial training to aspiring Priests. Get in touch with us today for more information on our breakthrough meetings or our educational programs in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Our Changing World: Why We Need More Spiritual Awareness

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on February 20, 2019 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

If you took a look at the UN report on various global issues, you would notice that we in 2019 have no shortage of them. You’ve got everything from aging populations and aids to climate change, war and poverty.

For a civilization that sees itself as advanced and developed, we’re clearly going wrong somewhere! Many believe that the general and widespread societal and global deterioration we’re witnessing is because of a lack of spiritual awareness.

What We Lost and Why We Need it Back

As an online bible school providing ministerial training and qualifications such as diplomas and certificates in bible studies, we often have stimulating discussions with our students about such matters. We’re going to share some of what came up when debating and discussing the topic of why the world may benefit from more spiritual awareness!

Resources and Economics

We’re living in a world where things are quite lopsided economically and our resources seem to be strained. Where there are individuals with wealth who seem to keep getting wealthier, there are others who despite their effort and struggles go through immense suffering and financial struggle.

This, in part is due to dishonesty, exploitation, greed and a lack of empathy. These are all things that someone who is spiritually awakened and aware of what our scripture teaches, would work to personally be free off.

In a sense, if we were all spiritually aware, wealth would be fairly distributed, people would receive their dues and we would truly be able to feel the abundance of the resources that we have been blessed with.



If you look at history, war is something we as a race have been contending with for centuries. Today, the cost of war is as high as it ever was and we’re not just talking about money spent. We mean lives lost, homes destroyed and entire countries turned upside down.

The ease with which we go to war, many feel comes from a lack of empathy, understanding and compassion— compassion and empathy, that in a sense are the prerequisites of spiritual awakening. If all those making decisions were more spiritually aware, many of the violent global occurrences we have suffered may never have happened!

Holistic Progress

In a sense, it is a lack of balance that has led us to the position we are in today. A lack of respect for the earth has led to climate change, a lack of respect for each other has led to violent conflicts and a lack of respect for our faith has left us in a sense wild, and un-tethered.

Widespread spiritual awareness would not just help us heal and fix the damages we have caused. It will also help us build ourselves up in a way that future generations can enjoy a more balanced and fulfilling existence.

Winding Down

These are just some of the reasons why many of us feel that spiritual awareness is important – particularly in the world today!

If you want to learn more about spiritual awareness through the bible or connect with us to discuss matters of spiritual importance, we’re happy to help!

What Do You Need to Become a Holistic Chaplain?

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on February 18, 2019 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Being a holistic chaplain is not about living in a monastery or spending countless hours locked in prayer. There is a lot more to it and training as a chaplain in the world today has numerous benefits. Apart from being important members of medical facilities, military outfits and schools (to name a few), holistic chaplains can even work in the corporate sector.

As an article published by the Forbes magazine elaborates; having a chaplain at work is appreciated by employees across the board. In short, if you’re looking into career prospects and facilitation that qualifying as a holistic chaplain can open up to you; there are many!

What’s it Going to Take?

So you’ve decided that you want to give ministerial training a go. You feel that it will be a wise personal or professional step for you. That’s great!

As a deliverance and healing service center based in Illinois that also provides online biblical studies certificates and diplomas, a question we are often asked is what it takes to become a holistic chaplain.

To be honest, it’s simpler than you think in many ways. We’re going to elaborate on some of the things you will need to become a holistic chaplain.


The first thing that will really be helpful as you train to become a holistic chaplain is curiosity. We’re not just talking about any type of curiosity however. We’re talking about a burning desire to learn and understand not just teachings from scriptures but also how they are applied in the real world.

It is this curiosity that will fuel your learning and accumulation of knowledge. With it, you will learn more, understand more and dig for answers where you feel they are missing!


There are two things that make an artist. Raw talent and creativity coupled with persistence, practice and technical skill. The second bare necessity when it comes to becoming a holistic chaplain is the right kind of training.

You want to make sure your understanding of the bible, its teachings and other related scriptures and knowledge is as clear as possible. This knowledge will act as the bases for the work you do in the future. If you’re serious about becoming a holistic chaplain, find a reputable bible school that offers recognized certification.

Formal training is absolutely necessary if you want to do the work!


One of the biggest struggles for many who receive enlightenment and understanding is keeping their ego at bay. Everyone who certifies in bible studies might not necessarily become a chaplain.

The ego is something that will make you feel better than others yet eventually bring you down. If you’re about to train in something significant that will allow you access to understanding and knowledge that many might lack, you need to make sure you stay humble through it all!

In Conclusion

It isn’t rocket science; however, becoming a chaplain is hard work. That being said, if you are curious, possess the right training and are humble, there is no reason why you should not be able to become a Holistic Chaplain yourself!

If you’re reading this, you probably already have the intention and might be on the fence! Connect with us! Maybe we can help you decide if being a holistic chaplain is truly for you!